Loaded Fries and Burgers!?

Burgers and Fries together is a classic, so we’ve come up with Battle of the Burger X Fully Loaded. You guessed it, that’s Perth’s best loaded-fries and burgers all in one place! Don’t miss out on this epic event taking place on April 4th! Here’s a sneak peek of some of Perth’s best street food vendors you’ll see around on the day.


Ragin Cajuns

Ragin Cajuns is back for Battle of the Burger. You may recognise them for their smoky BBQ ribs and wings but this year they’ll be battling it out for the title of best burger in Perth. Find them at Battle of the Burger X Fully Loaded or try and see if you can spot them at various food market events across town!

Ragin Cajuns' mouthwatering burgers, we can't wait to try them!

Up in Smoke

Low and slow is Up in Smoke’s specialty. They serve up a variety of meats like chicken, beef and pork, just to name a few! With handmade sauces and unique flavours, you’re guaranteed a fresh, good quality and wholesome burger!

`Mouth watering brisket in a burger? Yes Please!

Loaded fries

The Canuck Truck

The Canuck Truck serves up the Canadian specialty, poutine. Or more commonly known for us Aussies as loaded fries. They serve up a variety of different variations including

pork belly, buffalo chicken and so much more. Be sure to say hi to them at Battle of the Burger X Fully Loaded Fest!

You can't go wrong with The Canuck Truck's staple poutine!

Curb Your Hunger

Curb Your Hunger have a whole menu dedicated to poutine! Poutine originated from Quebec, traditionally made with French fries, cheese curd and gravy. Curb your Hunger has taken the Canadian favourite to a whole new level with a variety of different options to choose from pork to lamb and even mushroom!

Now thats some serious loaded fries!

Are you excited as we are for Battle of the Burger X Fully Loaded? We hope to see you there! Keep up to date with us on Facebook so, you can be the first to hear about all new events coming your way.


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