The social reach for Aus Street Food in 6 months

Over 40,000 happy event attendees to date

With over $300,000 community spend

Living on the Veg (photos by Rachael Bar


The aim is to provide a service with our proven marketing methods to help reach a new and wider audience, promoting your markets, events, festivals and food truck programs that engages a larger amount of foot fall traffic which results in a higher public spend equaling to happier vendors. We use a
range of multiple marketing strategies over various platforms from our in-depth knowledge and skills to achieve the best results. Guest satisfaction is everything.


Factors that influence customer behaviours when deciding on what they desire to eat is the ultimate goal in our marketing for street food vendors. Being the brand that the public already connect with when attending a street food event or deciding on who to choose for their private catering gig is the key to
growth in your business. Knowing how to link these together to stand out from the crowed is what our team focuses on doing for you. Exposure is everything- Let us get your story out there.

Choosing Food

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